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  • Esselte

    Who we are: innovators in organisation

    In 2013 our company celebrated a century of innovative organisational solutions for workplaces throughout the world. From our start as a collective of printing companies, we have responded to a changing market over the decades by developing numerous ground-breaking and award-winning products in our sector. Our current portfolio features everything from innovative Leitz Complete, a range of new accessories for mobile devices, to the best-loved Lever Arch file, to laminators for offices of the 21st century.

  • Fibracolor

    Through colors we can voice our feelings, express our emotions and fix the images of the best moments.
    With colors we communicate, talk, live and play. Etafelt knows this and that is why they have created Fibracolor, the full range of products for school and leisure, now popular in Italy and abroad.
    There is a vast choice of items to boost children’s imagination and to help adults to transform their imagination into a picture, a drawing, a masterpiece.
    Because the world is made of colors and Fibracolor can keep its shades alive wherever you want, in complete safety and convenience.

  • Forpus

    FOPI SIA was founded in 2005 by several Latvian entrepreneurs with the purpose of manufacturing and distribution of office stationery products under own brand FORPUS. In less than 10 years the company developed from a domestic brand of stationery into major supplier of a wide range of office products in almost 40 countries around the globe. With almost 1000 SKU in its product portfolio FORPUS is a clear market leader in Baltic countries and also has strong market presence in many European and CIS countries.

  • Hi-Text

    All the Hi-Text range is designed and engineered to offer professional, useful and suitable products to everyone for every kind of need.
    Since 1993, the year of its birth, Hi-Text has constantly followed the needs of those who write, in study and at work: from ballpoint pens to highlighters, each solution is the result of careful research both in design and technology.
    A comprehensive offer that meets all requirements and makes writing easy and smooth: a pleasant and unmistakable daily experience.

  • Intimus

    As early as 1965, intimus® presented its first shredder: the legendary "electric waste paper bin" intimus® simplex - over one million in use to date. The choice of the brand name intimus® - synonymous with a closely trusted friend - has always been an incentive to provide excellent solutions for perfect information security. And we have always succeeded in this. Over 100 patents and registered property rights underline the wealth of ideas and innovations with which intimus®  data shredders have continually been made more convenient and powerful.

    Today we offer our customers worldwide solutions for information assurance and waste management. The modern working world is no longer imaginable without products from our company, being synonymous with practical, high-performance, reliable solutions.  The user in his or her working environment is always at the centre of our development plans. Today our products therefore do not just shred all traditional data carriers, from note paper to thick EDP lists and complete binders including the metal clip mechanism but also modern storage media such as CDs, DVDs, floppy disks and complete hard drives securely and consistently.

    And all this for a wide range of applications and security levels, from the home office to the traditional office and high performance systems with capacities of up to 2 tonnes per hour.

  • Leitz

    Leitz, a world-leader in premium office products and maker of the long-iconic Lever Arch File, looks back on a long heritage of German quality and performance.

    In 1896 German inventor Louis Leitz sought a way to organise his papers. From this simple need, the Lever Arch File was born. Today the Leitz brand does more than just organise papers. With products ranging from traditional to technological, including the award-winning iLAM laminator, Leitz Complete professional accessories for mobile devices, and traditional paper pads. All delivered with the special Leitz touch of impressive efficiency.

    Renowned industry-wide as an innovative brand, Leitz is leading the transition to the future of work. Technology changes, but principles don’t: a job today is still worth doing well. Leitz – Job Well Done.

  • Taymar

    Starting in 1982, Taymar has been the benchmark for the brochure display industry worldwide, being the first and still the best.

  • Traxx Printer

    TRAXX Printer Ltd. brings together over 25 years of stamping and manufacturing experience.

    Our market extends world wide with distributors in Europe, North America, South America, Middle East, Africa and Asia. As a young company in this industry, we pride ourselves in offering our customers the highest quality products possible at competitive prices.

    We offer a wide and deep range of stamps to cover most of your stamping needs and are constantly developing new products while regularly updating our existing lines.

    For peace of mind we offer our customers a lifetime guarantee against any manufacturing defects on all of our products.

    TRAXX Printer looks forward to serving your stamping needs. Please contact your local Distributor, Rubber Stamp Manufacturer or Stationer.

    An environmentally friendly company.

  • Viva

    VIVA SRL is a leader distributor of Office and Packaging supplies for more 30 years.

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